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Cap with name

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Christmas bauble – transparent

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Kids baseball caps with name

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Personalised promotional gifts with your business logo

Promotional gifts are a great investment. It is multi-functional because it will be received happily as a gift by the recipient as well as serve as advertisement for your company.

There are many reasons and occasions to give out promotional gifts. Below we listed the what, how and when of promotional gift giving.

Gifts for Employees

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan.

Keeping the work atmosphere upbeat and welcoming for every single employee is a job in and of itself. It’s important to make sure every employee feels good at work, feels appreciated and leaves the workday with a feeling of satisfaction.

One of the ways to keep the team motivated and engaged is by having parties and other types of teambuilding every now and then. Here is where Fungifts can help you with small and big souvenirs. Have your logo printed on one of our great products to show them that you notice all the energy they put in to make your business grow!

Before the Holidays it is of course advised to send the employees home with a special Holiday gift. For your workers, going home with a gift with your logo on it, will mean a lot and will make them feel proud to belong to such a great business team!

Gifts for Customers

To thank your clients or wish them a happy new year or as a promotional gift when purchasing your products or services. Gifts with logo are a win-win investment! You treat your clients and ensures publicity!

Below are some of the popular corporate gifts:

Beer opener with logo
Our small pocket sized beer opener with logo is s